Intense Schooling

I have been rather quiet updating this news page, but we have had a big increase in work intensity and lots of schooling in preparation for the new season.

The steady cantering work at Kilduff has been replaced with plenty of jumping and more power work up the hills. Each morning this week we have had batches of horses, both young and older schooling over the logs, tyres, and Easyfix hurdles and fences. There are plenty of video clips posted on our Facebook page including one of our forward two and three year olds schooling a few days ago.

Pictured is Templenaboe leading a group back down the hill after schooling. Left to right, Haul Us In, Templenaboe, Miss Joeking, OrionInverness, Rising Marianbard, and Momkinzain.

We are so lucky here to have some super schooling jockeys, not just the senior ones, Derek, Blair and Stephen, but also younger ones Maisie, Thomas, Cameron, Lea, Ailsa, Gemma, Leanne, Lauren, Lorraine, Becky and even El schools occasionally. Scu and Derek are excellent at coaching and advising the lads and it is great to be able to give everyone the opportunity to school, including first timers who ride the handicappers that are owned by my Father.

I have forgotten to add our senior (ex) jockey Mark, who also schools, although this week his mind has been on other things as he marries Lisa on Saturday. Mark has been a mainstay of the yard, and along with Jaimie does the traveling; many of you will know him from the races. We wish them lots of happiness on Saturday and onwards.

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  • Ms Anne MacInnes

    Great news Mark !!! I didn't realise. Have a lovely day. Best Wishes.

    Sep 09, 2017 @ 9:26pm

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