Momkinzain For Rehoming

We had an exciting work day at Arlary this morning with a quick three times up for most of the horses, and some progressive work from Deepsand, Jump For Dough, Tantamount, Superior Command, Prince Dundee, Blue Baton, Thorpe and Where's Tiger.

Thorpe and Where's Tiger's owners were in to watch, Lady Jane and Michael Kaplan. They also saw Tiger having his first jump down a grid in the sand school with Maisie.

Momkinzain who ran for Jane and Michael is to be retired from racing. It is a reluctant decision as he is the only horse that they have owned with us who has not won for them; Revocation, Stylish Chap, Tiger, Thorpe and Miss Joeking have all carried the primrose and rose colours to victory, but Momkinzain will now have the opportunity for a second career in which I am sure he will win plenty of rosettes and prizes.

Momkinzain is ten years old and 16.1 hands high. He moves well and has no blemishes or vices; his only issue is that he can spook but he loves his work and is a big softie in the stable. He would make a super ROR horse and he would love to be plaited and preened and to wear a bling browband. He is a good ride, works in an outline and will go on his own or in company. He is for sale, please contact the OFFICE or reply through our Facebook page. He is pictured jumping on the sand.

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