Big River At Haydock

Having been so excited about Big River running at Haydock we were surprised and saddened to see him struggle to travel on the ground, making the jumping an effort for him. Derek wisely pulled him up down the back straight and while he was sound on arrival back at the wash off, the vets found that he had atrial fibrillation.

Big River had this two seasons ago and it was corrected with electrical cardioversion, making a full recovery. We will seek out the help of the vets at the Edinburgh vet school in particular John Keen who sorted him last time. 

After the race, and on the journey home we were despondent, but having seen Big River in his stable this morning my hopes are heightened as he looks so well and is bright and alert. His heart rate is still increased but is regular so we look to the future again with lighter spirits. Big River is lucky to have a most caring owner in Debs Thomson and with her unending support and the vets' help I know that we will do the best for him.

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  • Anne MacInnes

    Rooting for you Big River !!!

    Nov 26, 2017 @ 8:46pm
  • Kev read

    Just thought it was the going at first as the track was heavy and we had some attroscious weather through the night and morning in nearby chester,but sad that he is not 100/per cent at theomens but I know you will make sure he is looked after superbly and fingers crossed get the heartbeat back to normal and hopefully back on the track full filling everyone's hopes that he will be another star in the stable

    Nov 28, 2017 @ 2:59pm

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