Equine Flu

Late last night we were informed by the BHA that there had been three positive cases of equine influenza in vaccinated racehorses. To prevent the risk of it spreading further all meetings were cancelled today. 

There is no indication yet to how long racing will be affected. Decisions on if racing can take place on Friday will be taken later this evening. 

All trainers who had horses running at Ayr, Ludlow and Wolverhampton cannot have runners until their horses have shown clear nasopharyngeal swabs. The nasopharyngeal swabs are to be taken on Friday and submitted to the Animal Health Trust. 

Our five runners returned to South Kilduff last night and are therefore isolated from the yard at Arlary. Within Kilduff the runners are isolated and have a dedicated team of staff attending to them.

All of the horses under our care are being closely monitored and their temperatures taken three times a day. They continue to be in light exercise.

Rigorous biosecurity measures have been put in place, and there will be no movement of horses or staff between the yards until our swabs have been returned as normal.


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  • ljg

    You and your team are to be commended on taking such rigorous measures, not just in order to help racing back on its feet, but for the sake of the welfare of all the horses. Equine influenza is such a horrible illness to have to deal with, but its appearance in apparently vaccinated horses is a worrying development that the entire horse community, not just racing, should be taking note of.

    Feb 07, 2019 @ 12:35pm
  • Rod

    Oh dear so sad to hear of this, I hope and pray all as well with your horses. I have to say I am very impressed how fast the racing authorities have taken action on this. Lets hope you are back to normal just a soon as possible.

    Feb 07, 2019 @ 4:29pm

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